Ayurveda Samhita & Siddhanta

Samhita Siddhanta and sanskrit

Sanskrit, Samhita & Siddhanta department is the foundation of whole Ayurveda. This department imparts the knowledge and understanding of basic texts on Ayurveda along with history of Ayurveda and Sanskrit [language]. The department deals with classical texts (Samhita) of Ayurveda for scientific exploration and validation. Department will be engaged in conveying Basic Principles of Ayurveda throughout the academic years of this course.


  • To study original texts of Ayurveda.
  • Comprehension and application of Basic Principles of Ayurveda in clinical practice.
  • To establish excellence in basic concepts explained in the Samhitas and to conduct outstanding research.


  • To educate the students to understand the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda.
  • To study and to do the research of original manuscripts which are yet unexplored.
  • Empowering the students with the basic tools for approaching the science of Ayurveda in a structured manner, which shall enable them in understanding the contents of all the branches of Ayurveda and enable them to adopt it in their clinical practice

Subjects of the Department

  • Sanskrit.
  • Padartha Vijnana and Ayurveda Itihasa
  • Moulika Siddhanta and Ashtanga Hrudaya.
  • Charaka samhita (P)
  • Charaka Samhita (U)

Sanskrit language helps the students to understand the original Ayurveda text books which is written in Sanskrit. Padartha Vijnana provides the Basic knowledge about the evolution of Ayurveda from Indian Philosophy.

Activities of the Department

  • Samhita Adhyayan Krama, to help understand the basic concepts of Ayurveda.
  • Guest lecturers will be organized to conduct various researches in the basic concepts.
  • Students will be encouraged to participate in various competitions like essay writing, debate, shloka recitation, extempore etc.


  • Museum - charts & models.
  • Departmental Library
  • Computer with internet Facility.

Further Scope

  • Helps in establishing classical & traditional Ayurvedic practice.
  • Wide prospects in manuscript & literary research.
  • To pursue higher studies MD, PhD for research and academic purpose.
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