Yen Aushadheeya Van

Dravyaguna Vijnana

Dravyaguna, deals with the principles of Ayurveda Materia medica and medicinal plant pharmacology. It also deals with identification, collection, storage, and preservation of medicinal plants.

The Department of Dravyaguna of YAMCH has a qualified, trained teaching staff and is well equipped with Pharmacognosy laboratory, Museum, library and other teaching aids. The Dravyaguna Department has a lush green Herbal Garden spread out in an area of 1 acre. The herbal garden has more than 250 species of medicinal plants which includes rare and endangered species.

Herbal Garden and Museum serve as a centre of excellence to Ayurveda Doctors, Students and Research Scholars of various faculties and provide awareness to the public about our rich Herbal heritage. Department has taken the initiation of programs for promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants which are used in Ayurveda as well as folklore practices.

The emphasis is given to preserve the rare species of medicinal plants which are on the verge of extinction.


  • Measures to save endangered plant species.
  • To promote in situ and ex situ conservation of medicinal plants, including rare species.
  • Creating awareness on the importance of medicinal plants among the students, research scholars and public.
  • To make the Institution pharmacy self-sufficient with respect to crude drugs supply for Ayurveda pharmaceuticals.
  • To explore the wide range of plant potentials through extensive research.

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