The subject Kaumarabhritya is an important clinical branch of Ayurveda, which aims at imparting traditional, qualitative, professional, scientific education to create Doctors qualified in paediatric kaumactice and providing quality patient care to neonates and children. ‘Kaumarabhritya is the foremost branch amongst the basic eight specialties’ of Ayurveda. The department looks into improving the immunity and intellect and overall development of a child by adopting traditional initiatives such as “Swarnakaumashana”.


Imparting knowledge and skills to the students, regarding child health and research.


  • To impart complete theoretical, clinical and practical knowledge to the students of Kaumarabhritya.
  • To generate research minded, knowledge seeking and knowledge expanding clinicians and academicians.
  • To globalize the Ayurveda principles of child health care
  • Provide facilities to the graduates for the intellectual/ skill growth and braveness to serve the mankind.
  • To conduct CME and workshops for uplifting the knowledge of the scholars of the discipline
  • To serve as a part of national immunization program with Ayurvedic immune boosters
  • To conduct medical camps and health awareness programs with the objective of imparting knowledge of preventing recurrent diseases and improving immunity in children’s to the society.
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