Agadatantra evum vidhi vaidyak

AGADATANTRA (TOXICOLOGY) is a branch of Astanga Ayurveda which deals with different SOURCES of POISONING AND THEIR TREATMENT.

Poisoning may be due to:

  • Snakebites, scorpion bites, spiderbite etc.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Application of Cosmetics(skin-face discolouration,hairfall,premature greying.)
  • Chemically treated fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc.
  • Side-effects of Medicine.

VYAVAHARA AYURVEDA (FORENSIC MEDICINE) and VIDHI VAIDYAKA (MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE) explain about application of medicine to the purpose of law (medico-legal aspects)


  • Treatment of different types of Poisoning (ie. Detoxification) with classical procedures and medicines.s
  • To establish an exclusive division of Cosmetology (Soundarya Chikitsa) especially skin,face and hair.
  • To establish the relevance of facts mentioned in Ayurveda by conducting Clinical Research.
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